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Just a few of our frequently asked questions
  • What are your hours?
    Parents can choose between full-time or part-time options. Our school is open from 8 am to 6 pm, but parents have the flexibility to choose between different times depending on the program your child is enrolled in.
  • Is there a transition period for my child?
    Yes, we normally invite new students to playdates so they can get to meet their teachers and classmates and generate a bond before their first day of school.
  • What if my child requires special services for speech, behavior, or development?
    Our education is tailored to the needs of each child, so they can thrive in our environment. We have a behavior specialist on site and our teachers are retained to identify early signs. Read more
  • What is your ratio of student's to teachers?
    We offer a Spanish immersion program that places a high emphasis on oral communication. We maintain a low student-teacher ratio to guarantee a personalized education that promotes the use of Spanish vocabulary in the classroom. Our elementary classrooms are no more than 16:1.
  • What is the dress code? Are uniforms required?
    At our school, we embrace a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where uniforms are not required. We believe in celebrating individual expression, diverse cultures, and embracing differences. Our dress code encourages children to feel comfortable, free to play, and explore without restrictions. We encourage children to wear comfy clothes that allow them to move freely, engage in hands-on activities, and fully immerse themselves in the learning experience. We understand that children learn best when they feel at ease, and our dress code reflects this philosophy by prioritizing comfort and the freedom to get messy while engaging in meaningful educational experiences.
  • What if my child gets dirty at school?
    We encourage messy play and children may come home a little dirty from time to time. We want parents to know that this is normal and expected as part of the learning process. In fact, it's a sign that their child is actively engaging with their environment and building valuable skills. Research has shown that messy play is not only fun but also crucial for children's development. Messy play activities help children develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. These experiences also stimulate their senses and encourage curiosity and exploration. We will always encourage you to send your children in "play clothes" that are ok to get messy!
  • How does communication with parents work?
    We have several channels for parents to stay informed and connected! Parents can download the Playground app on their phones or computers, which provides updates to their child's daily activities such as snacks, naps, extracurriculars, and academic progress. We also send out up to two newsletters per month via email and post them on our website's Parent section. Our newsletters contain important school updates and reminders. In addition, we hold multiple parent-teacher conferences per year, where parents can meet with their child's teacher to discuss progress and any concerns. Parents are responsible for scheduling a time slot for parent-teacher conferences, and early and late appointments tend to fill up quickly. Our website is updated regularly and contains useful information for parents, such as academic policies, event calendars, and school forms. We recommend parents get familiar with the site's pages to stay informed about their child's education. If parents have any questions or concerns, they can always reach out to our office via email at
  • How much time is spent outside?
    Our students spend a minimum of one hour outside a day, on average.
  • What is your discipline policy?
    Our staff is trained in positive discipline which aims to teach young students how to become responsible, respectful, and resourceful members of their communities.
  • What is your sick child policy?
    In order to keep all of our children healthy, we ask you to notify the school of any viral or contagious sickness your child might have or might have been exposed to so the symptoms can be monitored to avoid further contagion. A clear, infrequent runny nose and/or cough with no other symptoms is allowed. Please keep your child home if he/she has the following symptoms: Unusual rash in hands and feet Fever Diarrhea and/or vomiting A viral infection that has not been cleared by the doctor Nasal or throat infection (typically involves thick green discharge) Eye discharge, pink or swollen eyes (unless you have a note from the doctor) If your child has any of the above symptoms, do not bring him/her to school. We highly recommend being cleared by your pediatrician prior to coming to school. We require students to be fever free for over 24 hours before returning to school.
  • What is your Covid policy?
    If your child tests positive for COVID-19 please keep your child home to prevent further contagion. Check with your pediatrician to see when you are clear to come back to school. Notify the school immediately so we can take preventative measures and inform parents. Direct exposure: If a child or a teacher tests positive we will use masks indoors to prevent further spread for 5 days, but classes will not be canceled. The whole class will be notified via the playground app so you can test if you deem it necessary or you could check with your physician. Classes will not be canceled. Indirect exposure: A parent/friend/relative tests positive but the child is negative. The child can continue coming to school while testing negative but must wear a mask indoors at all times.
  • What is your injury policy?
    The safety and well being of our students is our top priority. We have implemented various safety protocols to ensure that your child is protected while in our care. For minor bumps, bruises, and incidents, parents are alerted at pickup and a report is generated in our app for review. If an accident requires immediate medical attention, we will contact you right away. If a life-threatening accident occurs, we will follow life-saving procedures, contact 911 immediately, and then the primary guardian listed. We require parental consent and very clear instruction in the administration process for any medicine. If the child is asthmatic or suffers from severe allergies that might lead to anaphylactic shock an epi-pen or inhaler labeled with the child’s name will be stored in the classroom at all times in a safe place out of reach of children. The medicine must be renewed on a yearly basis and a doctor’s note with indications on how and when to use it is required. If you ever need to speak with us about your child's safety or any other related topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Do you have fire and earthquake drills?
    We conduct regular fire and earthquake safety drills, as well as have lock-down and lock-out procedures in place for any dangerous or threatening situations.
  • Do you accommodate allergy and dietary restrictions?
    Yes, Intiwasi is a nut-free environment and we accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies.
  • What food is served?
    lntiwasi is committed to providing students with nutritious and culturally diverse meals. We believe that food should be a source of enjoyment and exploration, and we are dedicated to offering a variety of items that reflect the rich cultures of our community.
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