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Welcome to Intiwasi Elementary

A Bilingual School

with a Global Perspective

Empowering Young Minds: an IB Education for a Bright Future.

At Intiwasi, we focus on providing academic excellence and a top-tier bilingual education, while emphasizing socio-emotional learning to promote growth in all areas. Our supportive and nurturing environment encourages creativity and curiosity while valuing and respecting each individual. As an IB candidate elementary school, we embrace the globally renowned IB Primary Years Program, instilling a passion for inquiry-based learning and fostering critical thinking, empathy, and cultural awareness. We believe that all students have the potential to become bilingual and biliterate, and our unique approach prepares them for a lifetime of academic achievement and success. Our language immersion program further enriches this experience, creating an environment where students can freely express their ideas in two languages, enriching their cognitive and cultural perspectives.

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